Frequently Asked Questions

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There are countless ways therapy can help. To name a few: help manage with life stressors- divorce, new baby, job loss, a death; improve self esteem and develop a greater sense of self acceptance, reduce depression and anxiety, increase confidence, and learn new ways to cope.

This is dependent on the person as well as the problem. On average after 12-16 weekly sessions clients have had significant improvements in their condition. In the beginning stages, we will develop a treatment plan with goals specific to your issue. We will keep an open dialogue to discuss how treatment is progressing and make adjustments as needed.

I am  only contracted with Cigna, Aetna and Staywell.

I am out of network with other insurance providers. The full fee will be required at the time of service. I will provide a monthly “SuperBill” for you to submit to the insurance company for reimbursement or credit towards your out of network deductible.

If you do decide to use your insurance, please be aware the insurance company requires you to have a mental illness diagnosis, they have access to your entire medical record as well as dictate how many sessions are allowed for a particular diagnosis.

Therapy is an investment and a gift you give yourself. Weeks or months in therapy can make a long lasting impact on your well being and the way you manage everyday life.  To get the most our of your investment I encourage you to do your homework including suggested reading, journaling, practicing mindfulness, grounding and other skills learned in session. Therapy, much like other relationships in life, outcomes are dependent on both parties effort in the process. I am 100% committed to do the work. How about you?

Intake Session $160

55min Therapy Session $140

A limited number of reduced fee slots available

Ask about our  New Mom Packages!

This depends on the person and the problem. Some people feel more comfortable with online therapy as they can open up more. Some people like in person services especially in a crisis and just are more comfortable in meeting face to face. Research has shown online therapy is just as effective as in person therapy.* What is paramount to the success of  any mode of therapy is the relationship between the therapist and the client.

*Mozes, A. (2015, November 3). Online therapy may help some with emotional problems. Retrieved from

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