Anxious and Expecting Group

Therapy group for birthing people who are seeking connections and to learn the skills to navigate the emotional rollercoaster of pregnancy so they can enjoy this time in their lives. 

Does this pregnancy have you...?

  • getting  worked up before OB or midwife appointments; racing thoughts, sweaty palms, light headedness, heart palpitations, etc?
  • finding  yourself googling every symptom/disorder as to research what could go wrong?

  • weary of getting attached and not making plans for the future just in case something goes wrong?

  • obsessing over things you have done or are doing that will effect your baby’s development or status of your pregnancy?

  • Not expressing your concerns to friends and family out of fear of being judged or seeming ungrateful?
African American Woman holding her pregnant belly looking out the window deep in thought

This group is for you!

You will...

  • Learn skills to keep you grounded in the present
  • Have a safe space to share your true feelings and experience so that you don’t feel so alone during this time period
  • Be equipped with strategies to feel empowered and advocate for your needs as well as the well being of your baby.
  • Develop ways to accept and work with  your anxiety in order to respond to challenges  rather than react frantically.

How to get started

The investment is $45-50 weekly for a 75 minute group.  Cost will be $360 if paid in full. 

Click here to download the group flyer.

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